The Lean, Green Supermodel Diet Anyone Can Do

Forget About Processed Foods

- Canned Foods contain lots of salt (were talking most canned soups, canned ravioli and other foods that resemble and smell like dog food, and even canned veggies! Look at the "sodium" content in the nutritional facts to figure out how high your favorites rate.

- White Breads and Pastas are often made from refined white flour, which pale in comparison to whole wheat.

- White Rice, is a whole grain that has been stripped of the nutritionally-viable components like vitamins, nutrients and bran (fiber).

- Packaged High-Calorie Snack Foods, like chips and cheese snacks may be convenient, but they are also high-fat, sugar, and carbs. Oh, and they tend to totally lack any nutritional components so why waste the calories?

- Frozen Dinners, even lots of the "healthier options" tend to contain loads of sodium, carbs, sugars, and chemicals. Again, check the box.

- Packaged cakes, cookies, desserts. Just forget about them.

- Boxed and bagged Meal Mixes can be alluring thanks to their easy prep, but aside from the fact that they are frozen and generally not organic, the sauces can be loaded with fat, salt, sugar, and chemicals. Don't be fooled!

- Sugary Breakfast Cereals. Note the "sugary" part. Bad. Bad. Bad.

- Processed Meats!! Ugh! Salt, chemicals, you don't even want to know what else often lurks in the easy-prep lunch meats.