5-Minute Workout for Sexy Leg... In Bed

photo of a woman's legs
Laurel House

You may not realize it, but your legs are getting a workout all day long. They carry you around- walking, running, maneuvering around cracks in the sidewalk, and lifting you up steps. All of that adds up. So if you want to work your legs, I mean really tone and trim them, you need to do a little bit more. You need to challenge them beyond the pedestrian one-foot-in-front-of-the-other walk. How? Resistance and Change. Thankfully, you don't need heavy equipment and expensive apparatuses to target and tone those muscles in your legs. Exercise green yet equally effectively instead. Yes, you can shape your legs to sexy perfection with absolutely no equipment, no gear, no clothes (well, that's a personal choice)… with Quickie Workouts in Bed.

Keep reading to learn about the benefits of quickie workouts.


Quickie Workouts in Bed Benefits:

-Perfect workout for the lazy exerciser

-Instead of hitting snooze in the am, just start moving. You will burn calories, tone your muscles, jumpstart your metabolism, and give you the energy to get your butt out of bed.


-Get your workout out of the way before you even start your day

-The instability and bounce of the bed forces stabilizing muscles to fire, enhancing the workout.

-If you forgot to fit in your workout during the day, you can slip it in at night before you fall asleep. Really push yourself and you will be so exhausted your body will easily ease into sleep.


Your Sexy Legs Quickie Workout in Bed:

- Seated Leg Lifts (25 lifts each leg). WORKS: Quads, Abs

- Side Single Leg Lift: Top Leg Lift (25 reps). WORKS: Thighs


- Side Single Leg Lift: Lower Leg Lift (25 reps). WORKS: Inner Thighs

Repeat Top and Lower on opposite side

- Laying Leg Lifts (25 on each leg)/ WORKS: Hip Flexor

- Foot Warmers (3 minutes). WORKS: Cardio, Total Leg Burn

- Flutter Kicks (10 complete Lift and Lower). WORKS: Butt, Quads

- Swimming (50 times). WORKS: Butt, Hamstrings

Really, you have no excuse not to workout. Even if you "don't have time…" you always have time for a quickie workout.