Exercise is a key component to having a long and healthy life. Look at how your body responds to exercise and learn about specific exercises for different areas of the body.

A quick workout before or between flights would be a nice way to get energized, especially if there was a gym conveniently located at your terminal. So why aren't there more gyms inside U.S. airports?

Workout trends are changing, as younger people are less into the gender divide of classes for women and weightlifting for men.

There are nude bike rides, naked yoga sessions and even the occasional bare-it-all Crossfit sesh. Would our bodies be more efficient without clothes getting in the way?

Links between inactivity and heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer are still solid though.

For the first time, a group of researchers tried to answer that question — and got a staggering figure.

Have you ever wondered what CrossFit is exactly and what this workout entails? Read on to learn and the pros and cons of the CrossFit workout.

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a kettlebell and a dumbbell? Learn whether kettlebells are a better workout tool than dumbbells!

Try out these workout tips to change up your workout routine and get your body into better shape faster!

Proper exercise not only prevents varicose veins in your legs, but it can also help reduce the painful side effects if you already have them. Provided you exercise correctly.

So many of us dread working out - and for good reason - but it doesn't have to be that way! Learn how to alter your perspective and make the necessary changes to a healthier lifestyle.

No-more Piggy Bank, posted photos, post-its, and skinny jeans in your kitchen... what other weird ways help motivate you to get fit?

You may not realize it, but your legs are getting a workout all day long. They carry you around- walking, running, maneuvering around cracks in the sidewalk, and lifting you up steps.

Social media technologies aren't just for keeping up with the eco-Jones', it can also be used to help motivate your workout.

Don't let a leg injury be your excuse to get fat, burn calories and tone up with a cardio workout that you can do in bed.

HowStuffWorks and Timex want to help you stick to your New Year's Resolution. Watch and download this free workout video to get started!

Arm, chest, and shoulder exercises can strengthen the upper body while easing back pain. Learn several ways to tone those regions in men and women alike.

Check out our program for getting your legs into shape, from calves to buttocks. Use our step-by-step instructions and clear illustrations to help you learn to do these exercises safely and effectively.

Stretching warms you up in preparation for doing other exercises, but it's also good for you in and of itself. Use our article and illustrations to learn to stretch the muscles throughout your whole body.

Even if you're not trying for six-pack abs, everyone wants a nice-looking waistline. Get yours in shape with the exercises in this article.

Knowing how much exercise to lower your cholesterol can help you in more ways than one. Learn more about exercising and what the right amount is needed to lower cholesterol levels.

Everyone would like six-pack abdominals, but what exercise is best? Here, find ab exercises listed in order from most effective to least effective.

These ab exercise pictures show different types of exercises and instructions on how to perform them. See how to get your abs in shape.

This home workout program contains exercises that target your abs, arms, chest, shoulders, legs, and more. Find out how to use this home workout program to tone your entire body and get in shape.

A total body workout routine is a great way to stay fit and energetic. Get step-by-step instructions for simple total body exercises, and you'll be on your way to a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Heat injuries range from mild forms to more serious types, including heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Learn how to exercise safely in hot weather.