Exercise is a key component to having a long and healthy life. Look at how your body responds to exercise and learn about specific exercises for different areas of the body.

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We've always heard taking 10,000 steps daily is the key to a healthy lifestyle. So how many miles is in 10,000 steps anyway?

By Mitch Ryan

If you're always falling short of that arbitrary 10,000-step daily goal, we have good news. Your health can benefit just as much if you hit fewer steps, too.

By Lindsay Bottoms

The winner of the Tour de France has to eat constantly to generate enough energy to complete all 21 stages of the grueling race. But just how many calories will the winner burn in the end?

By John Eric Goff


Sitting on your butt all day can do a number on your health. Calisthenics, which is resistance training using your body weight, is a great way to stay in shape.

By Melanie Radzicki McManus

Some experts argue it's not good to run every single day without letting the body rest. But others take running streaks to another level, and their bodies and minds are better for it.

By Jennifer Walker-Journey

Staying fit is more important now than ever. Regular exercise decreases tension, and elevates and stabilize moods — all things we need at times like this. So how do we stay fit from home?

By Carrie Whitney, Ph.D.

Hypertrophy is just a super-science-y way to say you're building muscle. And there are lots of ways to do it.

By John Donovan


Pushups are a great upper-body exercise that people often do wrong. So what's the right way to perform a pushup and what are some variations?

By Alia Hoyt

They're probably the bane of your middle school memories. So why do we still subject kids to these humiliating physical fitness tests?

By Michelle Konstantinovsky

A quick workout before or between flights would be a nice way to get energized, especially if there was a gym conveniently located at your terminal. So why aren't there more gyms inside U.S. airports?

By John Donovan

Workout trends are changing, as younger people are less into the gender divide of classes for women and weightlifting for men.

By Alia Hoyt


There are nude bike rides, naked yoga sessions and even the occasional bare-it-all Crossfit sesh. Would our bodies be more efficient without clothes getting in the way?

By Laurie L. Dove

Links between inactivity and heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer are still solid though.

By Julia Layton

Have you ever wondered what CrossFit is exactly and what this workout entails? Read on to learn and the pros and cons of the CrossFit workout.

By Jennifer Wolfe

You may not realize it, but your legs are getting a workout all day long. They carry you around- walking, running, maneuvering around cracks in the sidewalk, and lifting you up steps.

By Laurel House


Don't let a leg injury be your excuse to get fat, burn calories and tone up with a cardio workout that you can do in bed.

By Laurel House

Arm, chest, and shoulder exercises can strengthen the upper body while easing back pain. Learn several ways to tone those regions in men and women alike.

By Lisa Faremouth

Stretching warms you up in preparation for doing other exercises, but it's also good for you in and of itself. Use our article and illustrations to learn to stretch the muscles throughout your whole body.

By Lisa Faremouth

A total body workout routine is a great way to stay fit and energetic. Get step-by-step instructions for simple total body exercises, and you'll be on your way to a happy, healthy lifestyle.


Whether you're a fitness junkie or exercising for the first time, find out whether exercise can impact your sex life? Our article will help you find the answer to the relationship between exercise and better sex.

By Greg Shealey

Some athletes try to improve their performance by determining their maximal oxygen consumption, or VO2 max. How do you determine this number, and what does it really mean anyway?

By Stephanie Crawford & Jennifer Walker-Journey

When looking at weight training vs. cardiovascular exercise, there are plenty of conflicting opinions on which is better. Read about the benefits and risks of weight training and cardiovascular exercise.

By DiscoveryHealth.com writers

If you're going to commit to getting fit, you want to get the biggest bang for your buck. Learn three of the best exercises any woman can do to effectively lose weight and strengthen muscles.

By Discovery Fit and Health Writers


Tired of running and getting nowhere? Join the club -- endless rounds on the treadmill aren't for every gym rat. But if you know where to look, you just might find the very special workout you've been hoping for.

By Molly Edmonds

We all know exercise is good for us, but how much do we need in order to achieve maximum heart benefits? What makes 90 minutes of exercise per week the magic number?

By Julia Layton