5-Minute Workout for Sexy Leg... In Bed

Your Sexy Legs Quickie Workout in Bed:

- Seated Leg Lifts (25 lifts each leg). WORKS: Quads, Abs

- Side Single Leg Lift: Top Leg Lift (25 reps). WORKS: Thighs

- Side Single Leg Lift: Lower Leg Lift (25 reps). WORKS: Inner Thighs

Repeat Top and Lower on opposite side

- Laying Leg Lifts (25 on each leg)/ WORKS: Hip Flexor

- Foot Warmers (3 minutes). WORKS: Cardio, Total Leg Burn

- Flutter Kicks (10 complete Lift and Lower). WORKS: Butt, Quads

- Swimming (50 times). WORKS: Butt, Hamstrings

Really, you have no excuse not to workout. Even if you "don't have time…" you always have time for a quickie workout.