Leg Injury? Upper Body Cardio Workout to Burn Calories in Bed

photo of a girl working out on a bed
Laurel House

You don't have to get on an electricity-sapping treadmill in order to lose weight. In fact, if you injured your leg, ankle, or knee, your doctor likely instructed you not to do any cardio at all. But there is a cardio workout that requires no walking, running, or moving of your legs. It's an upper body cardio workout.

Cardio exercise is a prolonged workout that engages your heart muscle, gets your blood pumping, burns calories, and leaves you out of breath. One of the best ways to do all of that is by getting your arms up in the air, above your heart and moving them- fast! The great thing is, you can do this cardio exercise on your bed- the only energy required to power it is your own.


Functionally, more than toning your body and searing off loads of calories, cardio exercises in bed also warm you up and are perfect to do first thing in the morning before stepping foot on the floor, or when you first get in bed at night and your covers are still chilled. The one thing to keep in mind with all cardio bed exercises is that you've got to move fast! The point is to get your heartrate up!

Follow along with this Upper Body Cardio Quickie Workout in Bed from ExerciseTV


Your Upper Body Cardio Quickie Workout in Bed consists of:

Flying- - 3 minutes.

Bounce and Circle- -3 minutes, each side.


Conductor- - 3 minutes.

Speed Bag- -3 minutes forward, 3 minutes back.

Hand Pedaling- -3 minutes forward, 3 minutes back pedaling.

Shadow Boxing- -1 minute forward, 1 minute up, 1 minute down.

Jump Rope- -3 minutes forward, 3 minutes backwards.

Don't let an injury be your excuse not to workout.