Total Body Workout Routine

A total body workout routine is a great way to stay fit, healthy, and energetic. Rather than focus on the same muscle group every time you hit the gym, it's important to concentrate on your body as a whole. Planning a total body workout routine can help you tone and tighten your entire body -- from shoulders to calves -- leaving you with a complete feeling of satisfaction and balance.

The links at the bottom of this page will take you to articles that provide a number of different exercises targeted to each part of your body. Within each article, you will find simple, step-by-step instructions -- written by a nationally certified personal trainer -- explaining how to do the exercise. Each set of instructions is accompanied by detailed photos, making the articles easy to follow and ensuring the proper form for every movement.

Before you begin your total body workout routine, learn how to do our total body warm-up exercises to get your blood flowing and your heart pumping. When you complete your workout routine, cool down and stretch your muscles with our total body stretches.

Below you will find warm-ups, exercises, and stretches that contribute to your total body workout routine and your goal to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Total Body Warm-up Exercises
It is important to get your muscles warmed up before you begin a total body workout routine. Learn how to start your routine with these easy-to-follow warm-up exercises.

Back Strengthening Exercises
When doing back strengthening exercises, you can avoid injury by practicing the proper form of each exercise. Get detailed steps on how to strengthen your back in a safe, fun way.

Biceps Exercises
A quick flex of the bicep is a great way to show off the results of all your hard work. Find out how to do biceps curls using dumbbells, stability balls, and resistance tubes.

Chest Exercises
Strengthening your chest involves more than just simple push-ups. Learn different ways to use barbells and medicine balls as you practice these chest exercises.

Triceps Exercises
As you work on strengthening your arms, don't forget to concentrate on your triceps. Include these simple and effective triceps exercises to your total body workout routine for satisfying results.

Core: Abdominal and Lower Back Exercises
For a complete and balanced total body workout, make sure you focus on the core of your body, which includes your abdomen and lower back. Try out these abdominal and lower back exercises to strengthen your core.

Glutes Exercises
You should keep your glutes toned and fit the entire year -- not just during swimsuit season. Learn a variety of glutes exercises and stay confident about your body all year 'round.

Leg Exercises
Whether you walk to work every morning or dance every night away, it's important to strengthen your leg muscles for everyday activity. See how to keep your leg muscles toned with these effective leg exercises.

Shoulder Exercises
Strengthen your shoulder muscles with more than just a few simple shrugs. Have fun with resistance bands and stability balls as you learn these detailed shoulder exercises.

Total Body Stretches
The last part of your total body workout routine involves stretching out your muscles to avoid injuries or cramps. Learn these total body stretches to complete a safe and effective total body workout routine.

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