What Is CrossFit?

What's limiting about it?

Okay, so we've talked about what people love about CrossFit, but what about the stuff that trainers and attemptees are not so crazy about?

CrossFit is a high-intensity sport, meaning that it opens athletes up to the risk of injury if certain exercises are not properly executed. Almost all CrossFit gyms offer what is called an "On Ramp" or "Elements" course. These courses typically last between two weeks to a month and will teach you the 9 Foundational Movements of CrossFit and the proper form for each. This is an essential part avoiding injury as a CrossFit beginner.

However, that doesn't mean all athletes are safe. "CrossFit's greatest strength is also its greatest weakness," said Ross of the exercise regimen. "People have that 'finish at all costs' mentality and there's a little bit of a lunatic fringe that runs in the culture."

Ross says that often the coaches' explanations of the exercises are thorough and accurate; however because of the group setting, individuals are not always getting the appropriate one on one follow up needed to make sure that they are executing the moves correctly. This in turn, can make beginners very vulnerable to injury.

It is also worth noting that CrossFit classes cost a pretty penny. Most classes range from anywhere between $25 per class to $150 per month.

Still thinking about giving CrossFit a try? Read on to learn helpful tips for any CrossFit beginner.