What Is CrossFit?

Tips for Trying CrossFit

If you've never tried CrossFit before and you think it may be the right workout for you, here are some helpful tips for staying safe:

  • Go to a few different gyms, talk to the coaches and get an idea for what the workout entails. Most CrossFit gyms offer a free introductory class to beginners considering joining the program. This is a great way to meet your potential CrossFit coach.
  • Be sure to make your coaches aware of any previous injuries before attempting any CrossFit exercises. If you have a serious pre-existing injury you may even want to speak with your doctor before purchasing a package for this high-intensity program.
  • Before attempting CrossFit you should have a basic understanding of general fitness. As Jonathon puts it, "You wouldn't add weight to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, so don't add weight to a squat with poor form." Be sure to take an "On Ramp" or "Elements" course (mentioned on the previous page) to ensure you'll complete WODs safely and effectively.
  • Scale your workouts. This is something that is discussed a lot in the CrossFit culture. To "scale your workout" means that you, as a beginner, cannot lift as much weight as CrossFit Chris who has been doing this for years. This also applies to intensity and knowing when your body has reached its maximum capacity.

For all medical questions speak with your doctor and consult your CrossFit coach.