How can I get professional help to lose weight?

By: Bobbie Hasselbring

Losing weight is a challenge for anyone. The sense of urgency to get your diet right when you have high cholesterol can make it even more challenging. Some people can do it alone, but others may need help. Your doctor and dietitian can help.


Here's how a doctor or dietitian can help you set up a weight-loss plan.

  • They'll help you to determine the amount of calories you are eating now. Then they'll help you figure out how much you need to eat on a daily basis to achieve your weight-loss or health goals.
  • They'll help you work out a meal plan, taking into consideration your food preferences. This meal plan will provide all the calories and nutrients you need.
  • They'll help you set up a schedule for checking your weight.
  • They'll help you to identify ways you can become more physically active. Or, they'll refer you to an exercise specialist or supervised exercise program.
  • They'll help you set a realistic weight-loss goal and schedule.

Here are some other benefits that you get from working with a weight-loss professional.

  • You'll learn from the wealth of their experiences from working with many people who are losing weight.
  • You'll become more confident by learning about what to eat.
  • You'll also learn how to prepare foods in healthy ways. And, they'll teach you how eating affects your health.
  • Diet professionals can also recommend a behavioral specialist or mental health professional if you need help working through the emotional issues of changing your diet. Most importantly, they'll help you recognize your successes and overcome your obstacles.

Everyone knows that losing weight is hard. But plenty of people are successful in losing weight and keeping it off. Your willingness to work with a weight-loss expert greatly improves your chances of weight-loss success.