8 Ways Laughter Can Help You Naturally Improve Your Health and Lose Weight

Lise Gagne/istockphoto
Lise Gagne/istockphoto

Laughter is a sustainable way to lose weight and get happy and the only energy it costs is your own (or your friends that are making you laugh's time and energy). But basically, laughing is good for you and low-impact on the environment.

Look at children and how their laughter explodes from their insides as they fall into uncontrollable hysterics that inevitably leads to streams of tears drenching their cheeks.

Now look at adults who find something funny and "appropriately" give off a little giggle as they simultaneously place their hand to their mouth as if to hide their outward expression of positive emotion. What exactly morphed inside us that made us become so honestly boring? Do you even remember a time when you were literally incapable of stopping your snort-filled, tear-sopped laughter that worsened with every glance of your friend?s equally hysterical face to the point that the only way to regain composure was to physically remove yourself from the situation?

The next time you feel a serious laugh coming on, open your mouth wide and let your laughter roar! If for no other reason, let it out so you don't have to let out your pants. What I mean is—laughter is actually a calorie-burning exercise (not to mention a natural stress-reliever).

Yes, when you laugh you burn calories, boost your immune system, calm your muscles, relax your mind, reduce physical pain, and lower blood sugar levels. And unlike pills, laughter has no negative side effects.

Here's how laughter can help you naturally lose weight and be healthier