5 Family Intervention Tips

Choose an Appropriate Time and Location

Choose a time when the person isn't busy or doesn't have other commitments. Doing so will minimize distractions and help make sure the person is available at the time you've chosen to meet. Selecting an appropriate time of day is important, as well. For instance, a time early in the day is sometimes good if it's a drug or alcohol intervention because that's when the person is most likely to be sober.

Use a location that is familiar and non-threatening. It should be private, as well as somewhere there will be no interruptions or distractions, so restaurants or other public places should be avoided. A neutral site is good, but a home or office can work as well [source: Finnigan]. Avoid holding the intervention at the person's home unless absolutely necessary, since they will feel more empowered in their own space and it may be more difficult to get them to listen [source: Jay].

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