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Why Anti-anxiety Drug Phenibut Is So Controversial

Phenibut is sold in Russia as an anti-anxiety drug. But it's not licensed as medication in many countries because of its side effects. Still it's easy to find online sold as a brain-booster.

Do Nootropics ('Smart Drugs') Actually Work?

Nootropics (also known as smart drugs or cognitive enhancers) are pills, supplements or beverages that are thought to enhance brain function. But experts caution on whether they really do anything.

Juul 'Make the Switch' Ads Drawing Flak From Anti-tobacco Activists

Juul dominates the Big Vape market, but the company also has been accused of targeting minors in its television and marketing campaigns. Is Juul breaking or just circumventing the law?

People Drink 47% More With an Open Bar, Study Says

An open bar at an event sounds like an invitation to a good time, but at what cost?

Marijuana Edibles: Not Such a Treat

A new study offers some insight into the possible health effects of edible marijuana.

Do Hangover Patches Work? We Put One to the Test

After a night of heavy drinking, it sure would be nice not to wake up with a hangover. Some patches promise to take care of the problem can they really?

Can You Really Sweat Out a Hangover?

Some people think taking a run after a night of drinking will help them to sweat out a hangover. But is this true?

Booze News: Heavy Drinkers Responsible for Big Chunk of Alcohol Sales

A mere 4 percent of England's drinkers account for 30 percent of the country's alcohol consumption. That's a lot of drinks — and a lot of money.

FDA OKs First Marijuana-based Drug

Could this groundbreaking drug finally lead the way to the legalization of marijuana?

Psychedelics Are Good for Neuroplasticity in Rats. What About Humans?

Your adult mind could keep developing in the future, if current research with psychedelics bears out.

CNN's Sanjay Gupta on How Marijuana Can Break Opioid Addiction

Marijuana shows promise as the answer to America's opioid crisis. CNN's medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks about new research and how CBD and marijuana could save lives.

Synthetic Marijuana: There’s Nothing Nice About Spice

Synthetic marijuana use is spiking all over the country, sending people to emergency rooms with some ugly side effects.

How Iconic — But Ineffective — Drug Prevention Program D.A.R.E. Is Reinventing Itself

Back in the 1980s and '90s, D.A.R.E. was in almost every American school. But the drug prevention program was shown to have little success at keeping kids away from drugs. With the current opioid crisis, D.A.R.E. is poised for a comeback.

Can Medical Marijuana Help Solve the Opioid Crisis?

Studies indicate cannabis can help victims of chronic pain without the risk of deadly overdose.

Can I Pass a Drug Test With Someone Else's Urine?

Some people buy "clean urine" off the internet. Others borrow a deposit from a helpful friend. But can labs tell whether your pee is your own or someone else's?

American Women, Seniors Drinking More Than Ever

A new study gives alarming evidence that more Americans than ever meet the diagnostic criteria for alcoholism.

The Opioid Crisis Is Hitting Some States Especially Hard

The U.S. is experiencing a widespread opioid epidemic, but some states are seeing especially high numbers of overdoses.

Drinking Transforms Your Personality Less Than You Think

How much does your personality change when you're drunk? You might be surprised by the findings of a study from the University of Missouri.

Some People Are Smoking Scorpions to Get High

Isn't that just one long and toxic cocktail of intense pain?

Here's Some New Teen Lingo for You: Dripping

There's a new risky behavior gaining popularity among teens, and it involves e-cigarettes.

What's the Protocol of Inviting a Recovering Alcoholic to an Event With Drinks?

We talk with addiction specialists and recovering alcoholics to find out whether the host should hold off on the booze, give a heads-up, or do nothing.

Is It Legal to Give Your Pet Medical Marijuana?

Many Americans who've benefited from using medical marijuana are wondering whether they can get a prescription for their pets, too.

All Hyped Up? Weirdly, the Best Thing for You Might Be a Stimulant

With the right diagnosis and in the right doses, the right stimulant can do what it sounds like it shouldn’t: Keep the overstimulated calm and cool.

Scientists Get Serious About Measuring E-cig Puffs

Vaping's a pretty new phenomenon, so we're still in the dark as to what an average e-cigarette or vaping user inhales and discharges. That could change soon though.

You're Only Ever as Drunk as You Think Your Friends Aren't

Drinkers tend to judge their own inebriation by turning a bleary eye to compare themselves to those around them, according to a new study.