10 Foods That Are Good to Eat After Running


Antioxidants, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals – what else could a healthy body ask for from a food? It's hard to go wrong with vegetables and, in fact, a growing portion of the population puts nothing else in their bodies but these naturally occurring treats. On a long run, you may not fantasize of having a plate of kale when you're finished, but there's a multitude of ways to make post-run veggies palatable and even quite tasty. Slice some cucumbers and put them in a whole-wheat sandwich with some hummus. Try some stir-fry. Mix carrots, iceberg lettuce and spinach leaves in a salad. There are any number of ways you can go, and virtually all of them will keep you going as you head toward your next workout.

Exercise is only one part of a healthy lifestyle. Once you've run your body through its paces, think about keeping your immune system humming, recovering your energy and strengthening your muscles for improved performance.

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