10 Foods That Are Good to Eat After Running


Sports Bar

Sports bars are usually associated with beer, nachos and a lot of guys who know better than the professional players (or referees) they're watching on the big screen. Just ask them. But in this case, a sports bar could also be referred to as an energy bar, workout bar or any number of other names.

Marathoner Wardian says he tries to keep his post-workout nutrition pretty simple. Grabbing a sports bar is about as simple as it gets. His choice is a peanut butter PowerBar [source: Wardian]. If you check the nutrition label, you'll find it comes remarkably close to the 4-to-1 ratio of carbs to protein needed to maximize recovery.

There are many sports bars available that offer similar benefits. There are also many that are little more than candy bars masquerading as nutrition. Check the label for nutrition information.