Top 10 Healthy Picnic Foods

Grilled Burgers

If you have access to a grill at your picnic site, burgers are both easy to transport and quick to prepare and turn out to hungry companions. However, keep in mind ground beef is typically composed of 15 to 20 percent fat or more. A 3-ounce (85-gram) patty using this type of meat will have at least 250 calories and 17 grams of fat -- and that's before you add any fixings. Consider alternate protein sources such as ground turkey, chicken or even veggie burgers. If you must use ground beef, look for a lean mix with 7 percent fat or less, which will help bring down the calorie count, too. Skipping the bun will save you another 120 calories on average. Or, at the very least, try using only the bottom portion of the bun to anchor your burger. When it comes to toppings, avoid the temptation to make a bacon cheeseburger and opt for lighter fixings, such as black bean and corn salsa, roasted peppers, grilled mushrooms or soy cheese instead.

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