Healthy Eating Tips

Healthy eating tips are small ways to make a big impact on your health. Read up on the simple ways you can improve your diet.

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Put down the donuts! Free food on the job can be hazardous to your health.

By Nathan Chandler

A second breakfast can be just as beneficial as a first breakfast.

By Shaun Chavis

Brown food is better food, right? That's what you think... but then you find out what makes it brown.

By Alison Cooper


Do you savor every bite of your meal, or are you usually the first one to clean your plate? Chew on this -- taking your time masticating those morsels might be good for your health.

By Laurie L. Dove

What's on your plate for Thanksgiving? Calculate the calories in your favorite Turkey Day foods - turkey, potatoes, and more - and get nutrition tips.

When the temperature drops, it seems our desire to be healthy decreases, as well. Luckily, we've got 10 treats that'll make you feel guilty until you realize they're good for you.

By Kevin P. Allen

Green is good -- for your gums. Discover how eating vegetables can help you control gingivitis.

By Kim Williamson


Cutting fat, saturated fat and cholesterol can lead to a healthier lifestyle. Learn more about omitting these bad fats from your diet with the information inside this article.

By Elizabeth Scherer

With this introductory guide to basic, better nutrition in any situation, get tips for improving your nutrition to promote good health. Learn basic nutrition tips that everyone should follow.

By the editors of PureHealthMD

Drinking plenty of water each day is certainly essential to our health. In fact, we can only survive a few days at best without water. But is drinking eight glasses of water a day really necessary?

By the editors of PureHealthMD

From eggs to breakfast cereals, lots of products' packages make boasts about omega-3. But what is it, and what foods really are good sources of it?

By Stephanie Crawford & Christine Venzon


These healthy picnic foods can make your outing fun and nutritional. Take a look at these 10 healthy picnic food ideas to get started.

By Sarah Grace McCandless

Packing your lunch before you go to work is a great way to save money and eat healthier, too. Sure, you're making the trade-off on convenience, but your body will thank you.

By Stephanie Crawford

Many processed marinades are full of unhealthy ingredients, but with a few adjustments, you can create a palate-pleasing pork marinade that you won't have to feel guilty about using.

By Lance Looper

For meat-eaters, it's not quite summer until the steaks hit the grill. But how can you keep the coals blazing all summer long without increasing your risk of heart disease and cancer?

By Julia Layton


Eating for eye health can help you take care of your eyes. Learn about the best foods and vitamins so you can start eating for eye health.

By Jackie Newgent

These exercise eating tips let you know what you should eat before and after a workout to maximize your energy. See pre- and post-exercise eating tips.

By Greg Shealey

Do you want to eat healthier? Take a look at these 10 easy ways to eat healthier and apply them to all of your meals.

By Robert Alan Anderson

It can seem like there are hundreds of diet plans to choose from. Fortunately, they boil down to just a few categories. Learn how to spot the one that's best for you.

By Adrienne Forman