Healthy Eating Tips

Healthy eating tips are small ways to make a big impact on your health. Read up on the simple ways you can improve your diet.


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U.S. Workers Get 1,292 Extra Calories per Week From Snacks at Work

Put down the donuts! Free food on the job can be hazardous to your health.

Do Nutrition Labels on Restaurant Menus Trim Down Calorie Consumption?

Researchers looked at several studies before finding inconclusive results.

Salt: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

The sodium in salt causes most of the damage to our organs, so how much is necessary for survival?

Why a Second Breakfast Can Be Good for Us

A second breakfast can be just as beneficial as a first breakfast.

Counting Carbs? Pay Attention to the Glycemic Load

Although the glycemic index of food gets more attention, experts say you should pay attention to the glycemic load. What's the difference?

Is honey healthier than sugar?

Many people tout the benefits of natural sweeteners like honey instead of refined sugar. But is it any better for you?

Does fasting improve your health?

A new diet trend, fasting one or two days a week, is becoming increasingly popular. But is the shock to the system beneficial?

Is brown sugar healthier than white sugar?

Brown food is better food, right? That's what you think... but then you find out what makes it brown.

Is breakfast really the most important meal?

The first meal is often the first to go for people trying to save minutes or calories. Is it wise to start the day on empty? And if not, do doughnuts count?

Should you really chew your food 32 times before swallowing?

Do you savor every bite of your meal, or are you usually the first one to clean your plate? Chew on this -- taking your time masticating those morsels might be good for your health.

3 Reasons to Cook with a Cast Iron Skillet

Nonstick pans are out, cast iron is in. Read on to learn about the health benefits of cooking with cast iron and why we say it's a go for your immune system and your wallet, too!

7 Ways to Enjoy a Happy and Healthy Easter

Use these seven Easter health and nutrition tips and be sure to enjoy a happy and healthy Easter holiday with the family.

5 Best and Worst Valentine's Day Candies

Make smart decisions around Valentine's Day to enjoy a delicious and nutritious holiday!

52 Healthy Eating Tips for Thanksgiving

What's on your plate for Thanksgiving? Calculate the calories in your favorite Turkey Day foods - turkey, potatoes, and more - and get nutrition tips.

5 Healthy Lunch Box Snacks That Won’t Get Traded Away

Winning the battle of the lunch boxes is no easy task. But with the five snacks on this list, you'll have a fighting chance.

Rich and Healthy Foods for a Traditional Soul Food Dinner

When you think of soul food, your mind probably conjures up comforting foods that are high in salt and oil. But you can enjoy the flavors and heritage of a soul food meal without unhealthy ingredients.

Savory Whole Foods for Antipasto

This meal before the meal is the classic Italian appetizer, and can feature an almost infinite variety of flavor combinations. Using whole foods will make it even better.

Whole Food Ideas for a Mexican Holiday

Mexican cuisine is delicious and flavorful, but it's not always healthy -- or unprocessed. For your next Mexican holiday, we've got some tips for preparing tasty Mexican dishes, whole-food style.

Rich and Healthy Foods for a Traditional German Holiday

German food tends to focus on taste and large portions rather than waistline concerns. But with a few tweaks, you'll find some healthy dishes on your holiday menu.

Alternative Holiday Foods: Delectable Seafood Substitutes

Need to tweak your menu to accommodate a guest who can't eat seafood? The key to a steady stream of rave reviews is just a bit of ingenuity in the kitchen.

Healthy Holiday Appetizers and Finger Foods

When salted nuts are the healthiest option at the holiday party, you know you're in trouble. What are some delicious alternatives to the standard fatty holiday fare (and twists on the old favorites)?

Healthy Food Ideas for a Holiday Gift Basket

Cellophane-wrapped towers of cheeses, cookies and salted nuts abound during the holidays, throwing off healthy-eating intentions during an already tempting time. How can you make your gift baskets healthier without giving up on gourmet goodness?

5 Tips for Flavorful Tofu Turkey

Tofu is not turkey. It doesn't taste like turkey, feel like turkey or smell like turkey. It can, however, make a smashing Thanksgiving centerpiece, one that's just as flavorful, tender and satisfying as the real thing.

5 Healthy Cold-weather Foods to Warm You Up

It's easy to pack on a few pounds during the cold-weather months. But all hope is not lost. We've got five foods to keep you warm and healthy in the cold days and nights ahead.

10 Healthy Cold-weather Snacks

When the temperature drops, it seems our desire to be healthy decreases, as well. Luckily, we've got 10 treats that'll make you feel guilty until you realize they're good for you.