How to Pack Healthy Lunches for Work

Packing Weight-loss Lunches for Work

Fruits and vegetables are almost always good healthy options.
Fruits and vegetables are almost always good healthy options.

One of the goals of eating healthy is to help lose weight. Shedding extra pounds during the workweek may be easy for some people and difficult for others. On the negative side, high-stress or fast-paced jobs may tempt you to grab a fast high-calorie lunch or snack to keep you going. On the positive side, jobs that keep you busy and stick to a tight schedule give you the opportunity to plan and control your meals. Either way, packing a healthy lunch can help you stick to your weight-loss plan while you're at work.

As we've already mentioned in this article, the key to packing a healthy lunch for work is planning. For weight-loss plans, this includes preparing recipes in advance so you can carefully select the ingredients and track the calories and fat. Plus, when you pack your serving-size containers, you can control the portion size to prevent overeating.

One expert in weight-loss eating on the go is Weight Watchers International. If you're following a Weight Watchers plan to lose weight, one of the most important things you need to do is track what you eat [source:]. Planning, making and packing your lunches make it easier for you to track your food. If the only thing you eat during the workday is what you take with you, you can add that to your journal before work, instead of remembering to write it all down throughout the day.

You can lose weight by lowering or controlling your calorie intake and exercising to burn off the stored energy in your body. Even if you're cutting calories, though, make the most of the calories you consume by combining your weight loss goals with other healthy tips. Consider foods that are good for your heart health and that help you keep your energy up during the day.