Passionfruit: Natural Food


New Zealand Passion Fruit is purple while the Hawaiian variety is yellow.

Purple Form

Black Knight Developed in Massachusetts. This variety is fragrant with a dark purple-black fruit, the size and shape of large egg and excellent flavor.

Edgehill Originated in Vista, Calif. Similar to Black Knight, but more vigorous. It has a longer growing period and produces a larger purple fruit. One of the best outdoor cultivars for Southern California.

Frederick Originated in Lincoln Acres, Calif. This variety is a large, nearly oval fruit, greenish-purple with reddish cast, slightly tart flavor, good for eating out of hand, and excellent for juicing.

Kahuna This variety is very large with a medium purple color in the fruit. It has a sweet, tart flavor that is good for juicing.

Paul Ecke Originated in Encinitas, Calif., It is a medium-sized purple fruit of very good quality that is suitable for juicing and eating out of hand.

Purple Giant This is a very large variety of fruit and is dark purple when mature.

Red Rover Originated in Lincoln Acres, Calif. This variety is medium to large, roundish, with a rind in an attractive clear red color. This variety has a sweet, notably rich flavor with tart overtones. It is good for eating out of hand or juicing.

Yellow Form

Brazilian Golden Large, golden-yellow fruits, larger than standard forms, the flavor is somewhat tart. It has an extremely vigorous vine, requiring cross-pollination. This variety has extra large, fragrant flowers, white with a dark center that blooms during mid-summer. Produces one large crop beginning in late August or early September

Golden Giant A large yellow-fruited cultivar that originated in Australia.