Top 5 Supplements for Heat Exhaustion

Vitamin C

Argh, matey! Where'd you put the barrel of oranges?

Many of us learned in history class how vitamin C prevents scurvy, a now-rare condition once dangerous to sailors. Today, the vitamin is mostly associated with boosting the immune system or in fighting the common cold [source: MedlinePlus].

One of the most common supplements found on store shelves, vitamin C is taken for a variety of purposes. In addition to helping the immune system, vitamin C has been known to aid in the prevention of heat exhaustion.

In one case, employees of a sweltering factory reported fewer incidents of heat exhaustion when given ascorbic acid (vitamin C) before work. Over a nine-year period, no incidents of heat exhaustion were reported where they had been in the past [source: Weaver].

And in other cases, vitamin C has been shown to help patients better acclimate to hot and humid temperatures when taken over time [source: Ringsdorff]. That means those who consume enough, through a supplement or from fresh citrus fruits and juices, can better withstand weather that leads to heat exhaustion.

For our next supplement, the good news is you could be getting plenty with your morning cereal.

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