5 Supplements for Heat Intolerance

Black Cohosh

If there's one symptom that defines menopause more than all the others, it's hot flashes. Hot flashes are abrupt episodes of physical warmth, with accompanying discomfort. Rapid heartbeat, heavy sweating and red, flushed skin are hallmarks of the phenomenon.

There are a number of supplements women can take for menopausal symptoms, but only a few help reduce hot flashes. A popular one is black cohosh, which is an herb in the buttercup family.

There have been numerous trials on the effectiveness of black cohosh in the treatment of hot flashes. While research has been promising, there still isn't enough evidence for women's health organizations to fully endorse the herb as a treatment of heat intolerance in menopausal women [source: Office of Dietary Supplements].

Black cohosh, however, isn't the only supplement used to treat hot flashes. Our final supplement for heat intolerance is also commonly used by menopausal women. Learn more on the next page.