5 Natural Herbs for Men's Health


Family life, careers and just plain aging can all get in the way of keeping our memories sharp. That said, getting them back into tip-top shape might be as easy as augmenting your health regimen with ginko -- an herb used as far back as 2600 B.C. for bronchitis and asthma. In fact, MedlinePlus lists several ailments the herb may be effective in treating, such as:

  • Memory disorders like Alzheimer's or other age-related memory concerns
  • Thinking disorders connected to depression and Lyme disease
  • Leg pain from a lack of blood flow
  • Trouble seeing color resulting from diabetes

Before you run out and start taking ginko, tread lightly. It is known to interact with several medications. The Mayo Clinic also warns that it can lead to bleeding risk, a concern if you are on a blood thinner or are scheduled for surgery [source: Mayo Clinic].