20 Home Remedies for Menstrual Problems

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Ah, that time of the month again. It seems as if it rolls around about every other day, doesn't it? When you were young, anticipating your very first period, you were excited by that passage into womanhood. But you didn't anticipate the inconvenience, pain, and all the associated problems: bloat, backache, leg aches, headaches, zits, cramps, and mood swings. And those are on a good menstrual day. On a bad day, bleeding is so heavy you can't move without gushing or you're too tired to breathe. When you figure out that it's more of an inconvenience than something to look forward to, you've joined the true menses sisterhood.

Menstruation is the simple process of shedding the old uterine lining to make way for a new one. In other words, it's the body's way of sweeping out the cobwebs at the end of the month in preparation for the arrival of a new egg and a new cycle; all a part of the natural baby-making process with one goal in mind: conception.

Who experiences menstrual problems? At one time or another, every woman who menstruates. But some factors make problems more likely. These include:

  • Family history of problems
  • Being overweight, which is particularly associated with amenorrhea or ogliomenorrhea
  • Being severely underweight, also linked with amenorrhea, as is being an athlete
  • Taking certain drugs
  • Chemotherapy or radiation

Most women will experience in the neighborhood of 400 menstrual cycles in their childbearing lifetime. And that's a lot of cycles that can cause problems. Serious menstrual problems require medical treatment, since many can lead to infertility, infection, and in some cases, death. But some of the milder problems can be relieved with simple home remedies. Go to the next page to learn how you can give yourself some relief.

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