8 Home Remedies for Puffy Eyes

By: Editors of Consumer Guide

Do cucumbers really help with puffy eyes?
Do cucumbers really help with puffy eyes?

Do you wake up looking as if you cried all night? Are your eyes so swollen when you come home from work that your significant other thinks you spent the day at the pub instead? Swollen, red eyes can make life miserable, not to mention cause others to misinterpret your lifestyle. A little insight, however, can help determine the cause of marshmallow eyes, and the home remedies outlined in this article make them very simple to treat.

Reducing Swelling

A diet dominated by salty foods or allergies and chronic sinusitis are two common reasons for eye puffiness. Often, what you can't see can bother you. Irritants and chemicals found in makeup, perfumes, and detergents can have inflammatory effects on eyes. And eyes definitely don't take kindly to today's computer-focused workplace; they rebel with redness.


Puffy eyes are only a temporary problem for most people. Many cases can be cured by simple home remedies and/or by eliminating substances that may cause swelling. Some helpful tips are available in the next section.

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