How to Remove Warts Naturally with Aspirin and Common Household Items

Plush Studios/Getty Images
Plush Studios/Getty Images

Warts happen. Don't feel bad about it if they happen to you. They don't make you icky, they don't make you diseased, they don't make you anything bad at all. They're simply a normal thing that happens to skin and they happen at any age. However, thanks to our perfectionist standards of beauty, you have every right to want to get warts removed from your skin when they do pop up.

Before you go running to the drug store to get some over-the-counter medicine that comes in soon-to-be-trash packaging (and required the expelling of pollution during its production), why not try to rid yourself of warts naturally? You might have some things around the house that could help you get rid of your warts, believe it or not.

Here are some natural wart remedies you should try:


Try rubbing some aloe over your wart and securing it against the wart with a band-aid.


Dissolve the Aspirin in water and rub the mixture all over the wart. Yum!

Baking Soda

Rub baking soda all over the wart. Do this 3 times daily.

Other things to try rubbing (and leaving) on the wart:

Banana Peel



Lemon Juice







You'd be surprised at some of the natural things that can help to remove a wart if you just give them a try.