9 Tools to Help You Successfully Quit Smoking


Nicotine Patches

A nicotine patch can help reduce your cravings.
A nicotine patch can help reduce your cravings.

The patch is sold over the counter, but it is best to consult your doctor before using them. Patches are easy to use and are sold under a variety of brand names in different strengths and dosages. All patches are similarly used:

  • A single patch is used each day, providing a steady dosage of nicotine through the skin.
  • The patch is replaced every 24 hours, and is applied to a hairless location above the waist and below the neck (back, shoulder, arm, etc.)
  • Patches must be stored safely and discarded safely, especially in homes with small children.
  • The Food and Drug Administration recommends using the patch for three to five months.

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