How Anti-wrinkle Serums Work

Anti-wrinkle Serums & Collagen

Ditch the needles and replace collagen a smarter way.
Ditch the needles and replace collagen a smarter way.

As we mentioned on the previous page, collagen is the building block of our skin that gives it elasticity and strength, which helps us maintain a youthful appearance. Age naturally causes collagen production to slow down, but so do external factors like smoking, sun exposure and poor nutrition. As collagen breaks down, our skin starts to wrinkle. So it would make sense that the aim of anti-wrinkle serums is to build up our supply of collagen. These serums that contain collagen derivatives generally claim to plump and smooth facial skin.

According to a number of scientists, though, you should beware of the serums that claim to contain collagen. The protein molecule in collagen is too large to pass through our pores, so even if the product does legitimately have collagen in it, it's unlikely that our skin would benefit from it. Like creams that have ingredients that are too thick to penetrate skin, the collagen in these products will just sit on your face until you wash it off. If you want to add collagen, you'll have to do it through injections that need to be repeated every few months to maintain results.