Woo Her With a Couples Massage

couple getting massage
Spice up your romance with a couples massage.

Ready to reconnect, wow your woman and introduce a little extra romance into the equation? One fun way to spice things up while experiencing total relaxation (yes, at the same time) is booking a couples massages. This exciting and romantic relaxation package is a popular option at many spas today. And whether you plan the trip together or make it a total surprise, a couples massage is likely to pique her interest.

The setup for a couples massage is pretty standard: Massage tables are placed next to each other in a "couples suite" so you and your lady can get massages at the same time. At some spas, the masseuses will do a choreographed massage so both people get the same experience at the same time. Other spas will let each person pick what kind of massage to get -- hard and fast, soft and gentle, whatever you want. Either way, both massages will start and end at the same time so nobody has to wait around.


What's so romantic about a tandem massage? Actually, there's a lot of romance to be had at the spa together. For one, you're both getting an intense, pleasurable experience at the same time (Whoa, did it get warm in here?) and touch can be a powerful aphrodisiac. Plus, being together in a relaxed environment, letting your worries float away, can draw you closer. But more than that, getting massages at the same time can be a chance to bond. You can even talk to each other if you want, or you can just lay back and enjoy it in silence.

If she's expressed interest in spa treatments in the past, but has been apprehensive to try it, going through the experience together can be a fun way to introduce her in way that's familiar and comfortable.

Adding to the romance are the other amenities that spas often offer for couples massages. Some spas have lounge chairs where you can relax together after having your muscles kneaded to a soft dough. Massage packages sometimes include snacks, like strawberries and champagne or cheese and wine, to notch up the romance level. And a few super-swanky spas even offer couples suites, complete with amenities like a fireplace, hot tub or steam shower to prolong the experience after the massage.

Couples massages can be great for romance, but be forewarned: You should definitely be comfortable with the person you're sharing the massage with. There will be skin showing, in spite of strategically placed towels, and you might even have to disrobe in the same room. Also, make sure you're up for anything. Some people like to talk during a massage, and others don't. Some people like intense massages and some don't. Romance can quickly fade if one person is annoyed by the other person's grunting or chattering.

Loving the idea of a couples massage? Check out your local spa to find out about other couples packages they offer. How about a couples body wrap or aromatherapy treatment? And, of course, to learn more about spa treatments she will definitely love, follow the links on the next page.


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