Refresh Yourself with Spa Water Treatments

spa water treatment
Don't stop at the massage table; go all in -- underwater!

After a long day at work or play, we often find ourselves retreating into the comforts of our bathroom for a long, hot shower or soak in the tub. Physically and psychologically, treating yourself to a steaming hot bath or shower can help to ease aches and pains for both the body and mind. The idea of hydrotherapy is certainly nothing new. Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians all recognized and made use of water's restorative properties. That idea caught on and has been used through the ages, from hot springs to cold plunges.

These days there are all kinds of hydrotherapy treatments you can experience, and you don't need to travel to remote hot springs to get them. Hydrotherapy spa treatments have come a long way. Some treatments work in tandem, like steam baths followed by quick plunges in cold water. This process is repeated and is supposed to help with the body's internal balance. Underwater massage therapy is popular as well. For this process, you relax in a warm tub while water is applied with a hose at various pressures to sore muscles. You can also get a good old-fashioned head, neck and scalp massage while soaking in a hot tub. This can be applied along with aromatherapy treatments for maximum relaxation.


Not every hydrotherapy treatment involves hot tubs – there are shower treatments as well. Rain shower spa treatments are an increasingly popular way to treat yourself and restore your wellness. For this treatment, water of varying temperatures is applied via a rain showerhead to various points on the body as you lie back on a table. The mixture of hot and cold is meant to increase the function of your internal organs by varying the rate of blood flow to those organs. Other listed benefits include boosting the immune system and increasing stamina. Each hydrotherapeutic treatment has a specific rejuvenating purpose and whichever one you choose, you can bet that a trip to a hydrotherapy spa will leave you refreshed and relaxed.

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