Addictions You Might Not Know You Have
TV addiction

When most people think of addictions, they think of alcohol or other drugs. But did you know you can be addicted to using the TV to unwind after work?


When most people think about addictions, they associate the word with an addiction to substances, such as alcohol, tobacco or other drugs. But in recent years, scientists have spent more and more time studying what's known as behavioral addiction, or an overwhelming desire to engage in a particular behavior or action. Some of the characteristics of substance addictions and behavioral addictions are the same, including lack of control over one's actions, compulsive or obsessive behavior and continuing to do something despite negative consequences.

For some addictions, though, the action itself is considered socially acceptable, making the addiction harder to identify and deal with. In fact, some behaviors are so common that an addiction can easily go by unnoticed [source: Ries]. But where is the line between normal behavior and an addiction? And how can you tell the difference? Here, we'll take a look at 10 things that some people -- maybe even you -- might not even realize they're addicted to.