Addiction can come in many shapes and sizes. Learn about the different types of addiction and how to help yourself or others.

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Can ultra-processed foods really be considered addictive? Or are people just overindulging in foods that they like?

By Ashley Gearhardt

About half of all Americans believe at least one conspiracy theory. But what's the difference between believing a theory and being addicted to it? And how can you help someone you think might be in too deep?

By Nathan Chandler

What is Jessie's Law, and why might it help the opioid epidemic?


Addiction manifests in many different ways. Substance abuse, compulsive gambling, shopping addiction -- but is it possible to become addicted to tattoos or piercings? Find out the psychology behind addiction and body modification.

By Debra Ronca

The idea of food addiction is relatively new, but researchers say the struggle is real — especially when it comes to greasy, delicious fast food. So what's the science behind those cravings?

By Alison Cooper

What strange addictions are some people compelled to do? Learn about 10 strange addictions here.

By Maria Trimarchi

Discovering that you're pregnant while battling addiction is scary, but you're not alone. Find out how to get the help that you and your baby need.

By Laurie L. Dove


When most people think about addictions, they think about alcohol, tobacco or other drugs. Some addictions, though, are common behaviors that people just can't control. Did you know you could have an addiction and not even realize it?

By Caitlin Uttley

Addiction can wreak havoc on a family. From learning about addiction to setting boundaries, we have 10 coping strategies to help families facing this insidious disease.

By Maria Trimarchi

If a beloved family member or friend is in the throes of drug or alcohol addiction, it's very likely that you want to help them. But where do you start?

We know that double cheeseburgers can lead to heart disease and a propensity for sugar to diabetes. But does your love of cigarettes have anything to do with the blues?

By Molly Edmonds


Get the facts about addiction with the help of our addiction center.

By writers

Learn about the difference between being addicted to pain medication and being dependent on it in this article.

By Scott Fishman, M.D.

Nasal decongestants help many of us get through the workday while we're sick. But why would they be addictive?