Facts About Hoarding
cluttered garage

The garage can be an easy place for a hoarder to begin to go off track, accumulating junk until the car ends up in the driveway.


Even the most organized among us has a junk drawer or closet filled with old clothes, shoes and other items long past their prime. Hoarders, however, take collecting to an entirely new, and often unhealthy, level.

The world has watched in fascination in recent years as hoarders have been more widely depicted on cable. Most of us wonder how anyone could live in such a state, while others are curious about how they became hoarders in the first place.

Many people fail to realize, unfortunately, that hoarding behavior is anything but a conscious lifestyle choice. In fact, it's a major illness that can seriously interfere with the life of the hoarder, as well has his concerned family and friends. Keep reading to learn more about hoarding, including symptoms, age of onset and possible triggers.