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10 Answers to Your Teen's Uncomfortable Questions

Don't shut down when your teen asks a tough question.
Don't shut down when your teen asks a tough question.

From the time they begin to talk, kids can ask some pretty difficult questions. Young children may ask where babies come from or why so-and-so's parents got divorced. They may demand to know where people go when they die, or why someone of a different race looks different from them. As your children grow up, their questions don't become any easier. Teenagers navigate a world full of questions about sex and relationships, drugs and alcohol and who they'll become as they transition to adulthood. When your teen asks about these issues, you may feel uncomfortable; no one wants to imagine their child involved with drugs or struggling with sexuality confusion. While an intimate heart-to-heart may not be your favorite thing to do with your child, open and honest conversation can help your teen make good decisions. And we've got a cheat sheet of answers that will make your talk a little easier.

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