10 Common Myths About Getting Pregnant

Can eating strawberries while pregnant give your baby a red birthmark? What other strange myths about getting pregnant do you know? See more pregnancy pictures.

There was a time when women wishing to get pregnant might try drinking a potion made with powdered wolf's penis. Alternately, she could wear a charm made from a quail's heart. If that didn't work, she could take to the garden and plant a rosemary bush or head to the nearest mall and buy someone a gift of silverware -- and of course, during all of this, it would be a very bad idea to sweep under the bed.

Strawberries would likewise be avoided lest a newborn emerge with a big red splotch on his or her skin; and a pregnant woman would never look at a mouse -- unless, of course, she's angling for a kid with a hairy birthmark.

While much of the lore and legend surrounding fertility and pregnancy can easily be dismissed as ancient superstition, it's surprising to realize that even today, there are multiple myths regarding the conception and carrying of a child. Here we examine (and dispel) 10 of the most common.