Facebook Faux Pas in New Relationships
Couple with laptop computers

With more than 500 million subscribers, chances are your date has a Facebook profile, just like you. What behavior should you avoid when starting a new relationship?


There have always been faux pas in new relationships, from the person who just won't call to the one who's planning the wedding on the first date. However, in time we often learn social boundaries to stay within if we want to have success in dating. These boundaries become part of our larger sense of social etiquette.

While good social etiquette is popularly recognized and widely practiced, good netiquette (network etiquette) is still new to many people. Social networking Web site Facebook has become a haven for bad netiquette, even from those who might have excellent social etiquette offline. It's like revisiting the social drama of high school with a completely different set of boundaries.

Many Web sites offer tips on good netiquette, including some that focus on Facebook itself. One simple way to adopt good netiquette is to imagine you're face-to-face with the people you're talking to. Even people with the best netiquette, though, may let a faux pas go unchecked.

When faux pas in relationships meet faux pas on Facebook, even more disaster can happen. Take precautions to avoid the 10 Facebook faux pas -- listed in no particular order -- described in this article.