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10 Steps to Do Your Own Pedicure

Exfoliating with a salt scrub will get rid of the dead skin.
Exfoliating with a salt scrub will get rid of the dead skin.

Next, you want to exfoliate your feet and legs, sloughing away that dry, dead skin. This step is important as it helps soften calluses and rough spots, smoothes your skin and allows fresh, healthy skin to shine through.

You'll find plenty of exfoliating foot scrubs at your drugstore, or you can make your own with kosher salt and olive oil. Some girls like to use exfoliating gloves in conjunction with the scrub.

Take one foot out of the tub, and gently massage the scrub into your foot and leg, moving in an upward motion for two or three minutes. Then repeat on the other foot and leg. This process not only feels heavenly but also stimulates your circulation and dissolves all your day-to-day stress with each motion!

Before moving on, rinse off your feet in your tub or basin, removing any excess foot scrub. For that spa feeling, microwave a damp towel for 15 seconds and use it to clean off your feet. It'll feel so good you may even give yourself a tip!