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Top 10 Foods for Women

Women have unique nutritional requirements to keep them energized and focused. See more staying healthy pictures.
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Do women really need to eat any differently than men? After all, we're all human. While this is certainly true, a woman's nutritional needs are more specific than a man's. Pam Peeke, M.D., M.Ph., author of Fight Fat After 40 (Viking 2000) and assistant professor of medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine explains why:

"Women are special. They have unique nutritional requirements to keep them energized and focused, especially as they age. And that means over the age of 30! Here's a great list of foods that every woman needs to incorporate into her weekly diet to guarantee that as each year goes by, she stays as healthy and fit as she can."

So, just because you work like a man and play even harder, your diet should be a bit more ladylike. We've paired some of our most nutrient- and flavor-packed recipes with each food to help you get everything you need to fuel that beautiful, wonderful, womanly body.

Head on over to the next page as we begin our list of foods that every women should include in her diet.

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