Benefits of Zinc for Men
Tennis player Bernard Tomic.

Tennis player Bernard Tomic puts zinc cream on his face during a match in Sydney, Australia.

Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

Guys, are you up to speed when it comes to vitamins and minerals from A to Z? If so, then it shouldn't come as a surprise that zinc plays an essential role in our bodies.

It's involved in the production of at least 300 enzymes and lends a hand in hundreds of body processes, from producing DNA to repairing cells. The mineral even can help us sleep better at night, which provides a host of additional benefits.

Zinc became a household word as an ingredient in cold lozenges during the 1990s (or you may remember those sun screens from the 1980s that would turn noses white), but physicians and nutritionists have always known it's a mineral that's necessary for good health.

Zinc earns its stripes by promoting immune function to fight illness, supporting healthy cell growth and development, and ensuring a proper sense of taste and smell. It's especially important for men because of its role in maintaining prostate health, testosterone levels and overall sexual health. But since our bodies don't produce zinc, a daily intake is recommended to ensure healthy levels of this critical mineral [source: NIH].

Read on to learn 10 reasons why zinc is so important for men in particular.