10 Reasons You Have a Runny Nose


Nonallergic Rhinitis

Some people have chronically drippy noses, yet there's nothing wrong with them. Well, other than the fact that they have what's called nonallergic rhinitis. This means your nose runs a lot for no good reason. Sufferers also typically sneeze a lot and may have nasal congestion (when their nose isn't dripping). The symptoms are similar to hay fever, except the person isn't allergic to anything.

Both kids and adults can have nonallergic rhinitis, although it's more common after age 20, according to the Mayo Clinic. To be properly diagnosed, you may have to first go through allergy testing or blood work. If you are diagnosed with it, try to identify triggers that make your symptoms worse, and then avoid them. While they vary among sufferers, triggers are often certain odors, medications, foods or changes in the weather. Keeping your nasal passages moist by rinsing them out may also help.