5 Acid Reflux Myths

You Have to Give Up Spicy Food.
You don't have to quake in fear at the sight of these spices.
You don't have to quake in fear at the sight of these spices.
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Acid reflux is somewhat synonymous with a bland, limited diet. That doesn't have to be the case, though. As with the beverages we discussed on the last page, there is no scientific evidence that all sufferers of acid reflux should give up on spicy, flavorful food as a preventive measure. In one study, a Stanford professor found that simply giving up on so-called trigger foods, such as spicy foods or chocolate, had no effect on acid reflux or related symptoms. The only thing that consistently worked for patients were lifestyle changes such as weight loss or sleeping with their head elevated.

Of course, if spicy kung pao or fiery salsa always leaves you with the unpleasant sensation of acid reflux, then you'll probably want to adjust your choices. Before you give up on the item altogether, though, try just eating less of it each time. And make sure you're not getting yourself all worked up with worry before dining out at a Mexican restaurant -- the stress, not the spiciness, could be the reason for the acid reflux.

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