Digestive Health

Digestive acids that end up in the wrong place can cause heartburn and stomach ulcers. Find out how to maintain your digestive health and treat uncomfortable conditions such as reflux, gas, upset stomach and more.

People who consume massive quantities of animal protein report experiencing the meat sweats, a sensation of feeling flushed and fatigued, accompanied by profuse perspiration.

The CDC has an app to help you make wise food choices while traveling.

If you spent the year on the International Space Station, you could drop about 180 pounds of personal payload. That's just one crazy fact we learned about No. 2 in 2015.

Living with ulcers often means passing up your favorite spicy foods. But it gets worse — ulcers can form inside your body and on your skin, leading to potentially fatal conditions.

Nobody likes to vomit. But it's one of the body's amazing functions that could prevent you from becoming even sicker.

"This job is giving me an ulcer!" No doubt we've all uttered those words in moments of frustration. But can a tough day at work or nonstop stress really cause an ulcer?

Throwing up bile is a less-than-pleasurable experience, to put it lightly. Sometimes it feels like it may never end. Find out why it happens, what your body is trying to tell you and when you should be concerned.

There are some serious causes of diarrhea that can cause chronic problems. Learn about diseases and conditions that can cause diarrhea.

You can get rid of gas with simple dietary changes and mild exercise. Learn how to get rid of gas from this article.

For most people, diarrhea is nothing more than a minor inconvenience. But for the very young and the elderly, it can be life threatening, even fatal.

You can prevent constipation by drinking more fluids, eating fiber and exercising. Learn how to prevent constipation from this article.

You can stop an upset stomach by avoiding trigger foods, reducing alcohol and caffeine intake and implementing lifestyle changes. Learn about how to stop an upset stomach in this article.

If you just got home from a fantastic meal but begin to have terrible stomach cramps, you may have to treat food poisoning. Learn about how to treat food poisoning in the article below.

Your child came home from school with a terrible rectal itch, and you're pretty sure you have to learn how to get rid of pinworms. There are all sorts of medicines available, but in this article you will learn how to get rid of pinworms naturally.

Although intestinal gas is often uncomfortable, it's usually not that hard to get rid of. Learn how to get rid of the gas pains caused by intestinal gas in this article.

While you may look forward to your annual Thanksgiving feast, no one looks forward to the post-feast feeling of a stomach stretched beyond capacity. But what happens if that type of feasting extends to every meal, every day?

Digestive enzymes are substances secreted predominately by the stomach and small intestine. Learn about their function in digestion, and find out under what circumstances patients may need supplemental digestive enzymes.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a common condition that generally refers to recurrent diarrhea and/or constipation. Learn about the discomfort and diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome.

Stomach and intestinal ulcers can be a painful and dangerous situation, associated not only with pain and discomfort but also significant blood loss. Learn about the causes and treatment of stomach and intestinal ulcers.

When you're doubled over with a burning pain in your stomach, is your love of flamingly spicy meals to blame? Or does your passion for chili peppers have little to do with the cause of your digestive ills?

If Superman had celiac disease, his weakness wouldn't just be kryptonite anymore -- he'd have to worry about wheat, barley and rye. How does gluten manage to wreak such havoc?

You're enjoying a big bowl of spaghetti and meatballs until it feels like someone is stabbing you through the chest. Such is the joy of heartburn -- or is it acid reflux?

Heartburn may seem like just another unpleasant thing to endure, much like taxes, rush hour traffic and the contents of a baby's diaper. But when should you bite the bullet and make a doctor's appointment?

GERD is a constant tormentor for those who have it. After all, no one likes the taste of stomach acid. Luckily, treating it isn't just about meds -- you can take control and make some changes of your own.