10 Fascinating Facts About Flatus

Farts: hilarious. But there’s also some pretty mind-melting science to the gas that gives you laughs. ©furtaev/iStock

Flatulence makes us laugh -- and cry, depending on our proximity to the smelly performance. We love surprise whoopee cushions and blowing raspberries, and because of "Despicable Me 2" the Fart Blaster was one of the hottest toys of 2013. There's even a man on YouTube who has clocked his own fart at more than three minutes long; I repeat, three minutes long. That rivals 19th-century entertainer Joseph Pugol, who could (and would) toot gassy tunes from center stage at his Moulin Rouge audience.

You might want a front row seat to the show, because that foul flatulence actually contains a compound that might be good for you, as a way to possibly treat health problems including arthritis, diabetes, heart failure and stroke by preventing mitochondrial damage [source: University of Exeter]. And you thought the smell was only there for embarrassment. Read on for 10 more facts about your flatus (gas), including who's really to blame for your farts.