10 Fascinating Facts About Flatus

There's Such a Thing as Odor-eating Underwear
Your undies could be your best friend in fighting embarrassing odors. © rimglow/iStock

Intestinal gas deodorizing products -- odor-eating underwear -- were originally made for people suffering from digestive problems, such as Crohn's disease or food intolerances, or those who have undergone gastric bypass. But anyone can use them; if you're a high-tech tooter, consider a pair of flatulence-filtering underwear.

Odor-controlling underwear does just what you think it does; filters out odors -- and some claim to be able to filter out sulfur compounds with odors 200 times as strong as what your average fart smells like [source: Shreddies, Ltd.]. That's a pretty strong smell.

Most of these products are made with specially-designed activated carbon fiber fabric (others rely on ceramic particles, instead), although there are also activated charcoal-lined pads or panels . Briefs? Thong? Insert-only? It's all available, but keep in mind the more coverage the better: Briefs made with carbon fiber fabric are your best chance against even the smelliest of farts, while pads only seem to be good for filtering up to about 77 percent of those odors [source: Ohge].

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