10 Future Jobs in Health Care

End-of-life Therapist
End-of-life specialists have backgrounds in social work, palliative care, education and human psychology. Richard Clark/Getty Images

As people live longer, they've got more time to ponder -- and plan for -- their last few years, or even decades, on Earth. That's where an end-of-life therapist comes in handy. Armed with backgrounds in fields like social work, palliative care, education and human psychology, these professionals will work with older people to prepare for their final life stage. Issues discussed may include how to ensure the eventual dying process is as smooth and painless as possible; how to best prepare yourself emotionally for this phase and the possible legal issues that may occur with advanced age.

End-of-life therapists also work with clients' families to help them through the process as well. Skilled therapists will not only have appropriate educational backgrounds, but also will be people who can discuss such sensitive information both compassionately and dispassionately [source: Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan].

Today many of these issues are being discussed with older people, but it's often through a rather disjointed process. An end-of-life therapist, or someone practicing end-of-life care, will bring everything together -- sort of like one-stop shopping.