10 Future Jobs in Health Care

Health Specialties Professor
Who's going to train the people in all these new careers? A health specialties professor. Estudi M6/iStock/Thinkstock

It's an obvious question, yet one few people think to ask. If there will be so many more innovative health care jobs in the future, who will be training all of these professionals? A health specialties professor, for one. This person will train pharmacists, nurses, physical therapists and dentists -- all fields in great demand in the future -- as well as cryopreservation specialists and bioinformaticians. Sometimes the professors are practicing physicians, but they may also be researchers or teachers. Because health care is a rapidly changing field, these professors must constantly keep on top of the changes in their fields of specialization. Sometimes, they may conduct their own research, too.

Because of the importance of this field, pay for health specialties professors is on the high end compared to other post-secondary educators – more than $100,000 is typical. Job growth for health specialties professors is projected to be 36.1 percent between 2014 and 2024 [source: Rapacon].