10 Addictions You Might Not Know You Have

Food You're Allergic To

Yes, that's right -- you can actually become addicted to things you're allergic to. It's a strange phenomenon, but it's pretty common and, when you get down to the science of it, it's easy to see that it works just like most other addictions.

When you have an allergic reaction to a food, the body releases a bunch of endorphins, lifting your mood and making you feel happier. The chemical high you get from these endorphins can be addictive in the same way drugs can be [source: Challem]. As a result, you end up seeking out those foods in order to replicate that euphoric feeling, a process that can end up becoming an addiction as you begin to subconsciously associate the foods you're allergic to with good feelings.

The most common foods to produce this allergy addiction effect include chocolate, soy, dairy products and wheat -- some of the "comfort foods" many of us flock to when we're feeling down.

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