5 Ways to Build Self-confidence


Be Optimistic

Keep hope alive!
Keep hope alive!

Whether it's in business or personal relationships, optimism is a powerful force, and it doesn't take much of an investment. Although the growing focus on an optimistic lifestyle popularized by Tony Robbin's book "The Secret" has its detractors, the way you think about your life could still help mold the future, or at least your perception of it. The old joke about the little girl being confronted with a pile of manure on her birthday only to gleefully assume that her present has to be a pony may not be such a bad recipe for a satisfying existence. If you expect the worst, it's hard to be confident about yourself or the future.

Try the power of positive thinking the next time you face a personal challenge to see if your outlook has an impact on the way you meet the challenge or even the way you perceive it afterward. Remember, holding the good thought or putting a positive spin on events doesn't cost a dime.