Human Perception

Human Perception deals with the way the mind perceives the stimuli around you. Learn how your senses function and help you recognize your environment.

You'll never look like your Snapchat self, but that's not stopping people from trying.

A new study out of Germany claims that artists are less driven by monetary rewards than other people.

It may seem like a ridiculous question, but it's actually kind of a mindbender.

Swedish speakers tend to measure time by distance, while Spanish speakers tend to say measure it by volume. But how does this difference in expression affect how people perceive time?

We get better at recognizing certain odor groups as we get older, a new study shows.

After you try this pungent party trick, you'll never doubt the power of garlic.

John Turturro played one to perfection in "The Big Lebowski." The guys from Stuff to Blow Your Mind investigate how people become creepy.

The reason why cringe when you hear your weird, terrible, monstrous voice? It all has to do with physics, biology and sonics.

Want to hide in plain sight? It may be easier than you think.

Statistics show people have a strange tendency to overestimate the female presence. What are the actual stats behind the "too many women" complaint?

Think that shot of you in the changing room mirror should be posted and shared? You might want to think again, depending on whether you care how you're perceived.

A study showed that self-professed experts claimed knowledge of concepts in their field that don't really exist.

Forget about shifty eyes — your nose heats up when you're not telling the truth.

"Look on the bright side!" It's advice people have been doling out for ages, but could a positive outlook actually benefit your physical well-being?

Girls have better taste than boys — as in the sense, that is. Find out why women's ability to distinguish between sweet and sour trumps mens'.

We may not know how to describe it very well, but we all recognize "old person" smell whenever it happens to grace our nostrils. But while the scent may be ubiquitous, its causes are a little less clear.

What's all the media craze about the royal baby? Dr. Nicole Joseph, DFH blogger and licensed psychiatrist, weighs in on the story.

When facing tough times, it can seem next to impossible to turn things around. Find out why negative feelings can cycle out of control, and how to break the chain.

Confident people aren't born, they're made, and we've got the tips to get you on your way to building your own self-confidence.

Metacognition strategies can help you learn better. Learn about metacognition in this article.

Did you know there are ways to improve your senses? Small changes like changing your diet, sleeping more and exercising can make a big difference. Learn simple ways to enhance you senses.

Perception, an awarereness of impressions received through the senses. The process of gaining perception is called perceiving.

Conscience, the moral sense, or the power to tell right from wrong. In theological tradition, conscience is the voice of God in the soul indicating the righteous course of conduct.

Imagination, a process of thought by which past experiences are rearranged to form a new mental image.

Mind, as used in psychology and philosophy, the part of a person that thinks, and that experiences such feelings as enjoyment, annoyance, anxiety, love, and hate.