5 Ways to Build Self-confidence

Be Prepared

Whatever your personal style happens to be, use it to help strategize your actions and enhance your self-confidence. If pinpoint planning doesn't give you performance anxiety, prep work, like knowing the route to a new job before your first day, could mean the difference between arriving frazzled and defeated or calm and ready to punch in. The same goes for things like getting a good night's sleep, eating (or not eating) before that big interview, or studying in plenty of time for the big test.

Good preparation can involve the old adage practice makes perfect, too. Just because you're a lousy cook, driver or public speaker doesn't mean you won't improve with a little training and practice. It's human nature to stick with the things you're good at, but don't give up on other interesting activities, skills or experiences because you can't hit the ball out of the park your first time at bat. Be willing to practice and prepare. It can be a life-changer.

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