10 Celebrity Meltdowns


Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown

There was a time when Whitney Houston was known for her five-octave range, her multiple Grammy awards and her penchant for being a diva. She married bad boy Bobby Brown in 1992. To say their marriage was tumultuous is to be kind -- they separated twice but Whitney and Bobby hung in there, despite his multiple encounters with the law and their well-documented drug use.

While Bobby has admitted to smoking marijuana and to living with bipolar disorder, Whitney has tried to keep her personal life quiet over the years. The two stayed in the public eye with stories of bizarre behavior, car accidents, domestic fights and drug possession. However, in 2002 Whitney sat down with Diane Sawyer on ABC's "Primetime" and told the world a few things: She's been accused of having an eating disorder. (She says no.) She's been accused of dying. (She's not dead yet.) She likes to party. (Yes, she does.) And in perhaps one of the most memorable moments of the interview, Whitney told us that crack is whack, but that these days she's moved on from her partying ways.