10 Ways to Balance a Career with a Baby

It will be challenging, but you can do it.
It will be challenging, but you can do it.

Striking a successful balance between maternal and work concerns can be one of the most difficult juggling acts a woman faces in her life. The emotional impact of leaving a young child at home is heart-wrenching, and the constant internal and external pressures of a career can make even quiet, personal time with baby bittersweet. Even if you consider your work life a simple livelihood instead of a vocation, an economic climate that pressures companies to do more with fewer employees can make the idea of a reasonable workday a thing of the past, and even green parenting strategies like homemade baby food and cloth diapers a distant dream. So how can you plan and execute a life strategy that will satisfy everyone? The short answer is that you can't -- not all the time, anyway. What you can do is plan and be flexible.

On the next pages, we'll take a look at 10 ways to balance a career and motherhood more efficiently, creatively and with less guilt. Hopefully, a few of these tips will help dial down the stress, too.

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